Coherent Logix to attend the 2022 National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB)

AUSTIN, TEXAS, United States, April 12, 2022 / – Coherent Logix joins 2022

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

Austin, TX (Coherent Logix) – Coherent Logix, Inc. provides a comprehensive semiconductor installation guide to provide complex semiconductor solutions and design services for broadcast & amp; communications industry. Coherent Logix will be showcasing their Digital Stream Processor (hxDSP) applications for content-based broadcasting at the 2022 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference, to be held April 24-27th in Las Vegas, NV, at Booth W8914. You can also see them during broadcasts and shows.

During the conference, learn how Coherent Logix can help coordinate the development of ATSC standards, both 1.0 and 3.0, has served on a number of business leadership committees, and has obtained more than 50 patents to date.

Coherent Logix has participated in the ATSC 3.0 development standards since its inception, as a key player in the development of current standards used in today’s embedded systems. In particular, Coherent Logix provided leadership in ATSC 3.0 physical infrastructure standards, providing new information and insights including the conversion of specific features into Physical Layer Pipes (PLPs), followed by PLP multiplexing, installation, and signal regulation. All of this can be implemented as a Coherent Logix 100% ATSC 3.0 enabled software used in the next generation of television or broadcast media. Learn more about how the ATSC 3.0 receiver can become a multi-spectral broadband device with Coherent Logix’s advanced radio technology software.

The company will also demonstrate ongoing development efforts in conjunction with ATSC 3.0 System Manager with a key integration partner. These efforts will assist in the implementation of multi-network datacasting services. The proposed solution will use the latest Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which will help facilitate the classification of regulated aircraft communications for ATSC 3.0 component in the air chain. As a result, what is considered to be the first animal revenue for ATSC 3.0 communication; broadcast strong information, will begin to operate new services to generate revenue, and in new markets not previously covered by advertising.

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Joe Fabiano, Coherent Logix’s Chief Marketing Officer, will attend the 2022 NAB Connected Media | IP Panel, “Show Me the Money! Monetizing the Consumer in the Internet TV Age,” at the ATSC 3.0 Theater, Monday , April 25th, 11: 20-12: 00 p.m., where key topics include subscriber management, ad-tech, ad-insertion, and other financial methods.

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Does NAB have overdrawn fees?

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Coherent Logix’s Jamie Meyer, Solutions Architect Product Manager, will present “New Findings and Exciting Customers – Putting ATSC 3.0 in Action,” at the ATSC 3.0 Theater, Monday, April 25th, 12: 20-12: 40, where he will unveil the new. ATSC 3.0 functions such as telecasting, broadcast broadcasting, digital media (i.e., UHD), bandwidth -intensive operations, and core network communication.

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How long can your account be overdrawn before they charge you?

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Coherent Logix will also be launching their 4th generation HyperX® technology. This technology will expand their initial applications for security and safety to a wide range of commercial markets.
The key to Coherent Logix’s benefits is its HyperX Digital Stream Processor (hxDSP) technology which has other generations of streamlined functions such as ultra-high-speed pipelining, multiple parallelization, and increased multitasking. These are for information-powered and low-cost access to television and data gateways.
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In addition, a key component of HyperX’s technology is the image and signal I / O, directly connected to the HyperX computing fabric for low throughput. Combined with HyperX’s low -end features, it provides retail products that support new communications and media services, across a wide range of applications. Read also : Choosing the right radio solution provider for your application. connectivity including ATSC 3.0 and 5G.

  • About Coherent Logix
  • Coherent Logix, headquartered in Austin, Texas, launched their HyperX Technology solutions to the market in 2007. The Company has proven successful in the Aerospace and Military markets, leveraging the use of software while improving productivity and containment while maintaining high levels of cost reduction and power consumption. good. This success is now being applied to a wide range of commercial markets including advertising, advertising and entertainment.

Who are the NAB?

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What is the purpose of the NAB?

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What is the NAB Show conference?

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Is NAB Show free?

NAB Show is an annual trade show held in Las Vegas, NV for the National Association of Broadcasters. Continuing for 4 days, NAB is attended by filmmakers, producers, directors, entertainers, vendors, and exhibitors from 160 countries.

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