Russia – Ukraine | News summary for 14 March

Headlines about the Russian invasion of Ukraine

At least two killed after that Read also : 4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Software Defined Radios for Military Communications.A Russian missile hits a residential building in northwestern Kyiv Monday morning; at least two people died and twelve were wounded in the attack.

– Russian journalist and television producer Marina Ovsyanikova arrested after staging anti-war protest during a nightly broadcast of news on a state channel.

Diplomatic talks between Russia and Ukraine is expected to restart after a short break. This happened after the mayor of Mariupol announced that the city “the last supplies of food and water are running out “

35 were killed and more than 100 were injured after a Russian attack on a Ukrainian military base which is located about 10 miles from the Polish border

2.8 million Ukrainians have fled their country since the beginning of the invasion

– warn the United States China that Russia’s military and economic support can lead to serious financial consequences for the country.

American journalist and award-winning filmmaker Brent Reno killed near Russian troops in Kyiv; Fox News journalist Benjamin Hall he was also wounded while in Ukraine.

Information on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

– I can families in The United States is sponsoring Ukrainian refugees?

Gas prices are rising around the world. Where are the people? do you see the fastest increase?

– Ukrainian officials say Russia is preparing “wrong flag“operation of Chernobyl NPP

– How it works The Russian government is preventing the protests against the Kremlin?

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