Let there be Li-Fi, says US Army

Kitefin Li-Fi system. (Photo: pureLiFi)

The U.S. military in Europe and Africa begins the first widespread deployment of Li-Fi communications technology.

The US military adopts her Li-Fi optical wireless communication technology which uses visible light, ultraviolet and infrared spectra to transmit data.

The UK-based pureLiFi will provide its Kitefin system to the US Army in Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF) in a $ 4.2 million deal, which the company described as “the world’s first large-scale deployment” of the technology.

USAREUR-AF “applies capabilities in its theaters of operations,” added pureLiFi.

By eliminating the need to use radio frequencies (RF) that can be detected and directed kinetically and electronically, Li-Fi should increase the reliability and security of wireless communications, as it emits a minor electromagnetic signature.

In a test in 2019, the US military tested Li-Fi at a tactical operations center. “Testing has shown that LiFi allows for increased mobility, improving strategic and tactical readiness by allowing users to deploy and communicate quickly,” says pureLiFi.

USAREUR-AF Chief Technology Officer Andrew Foreman said: “The leadership at the Department of Defense is at a major crossroads for the mission’s communications and command systems and needs to make a critical decision. Start deploying LiFi and FSO [free-space optics] and explore other optical wireless communication technologies or continue to expose the fighter to increased emissions, continuing to elevate high-detection radio frequency systems to the tactical end, thus exposing soldiers and systems to a terrible situation. “

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