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KrakenRF launches new project through Crowd Supply’s website for its new KrakenSDR-defined software radio with five RTL-SDRs. The project has already raised more than $ 200,000 thanks to more than 500 supporters, with 30 days left. Coherent radio allows many interesting applications, such as radio direction, passive radar and beamforming.

To start using KrakenSDR, you will need a USB Type-C cable, 5 V / 2.4 A + USB Type-C power supply and antennas, such as a company magnetic antenna kit or an antenna that is suitable for your application.

“We have already received all the long-term parts for the first batch of 1000 KrakenSDR, so the first batch will be shipped about six months before all the others. If you support the project during the campaign (even if you are not in the top 1000), you will save $ 100 from the eventual retail price of $ 399.

Possible applications for KrakenSDR

– Physical location of an unknown transmitter of interest (eg illegal or disturbing broadcasts, noise transmissions or just out of curiosity) To see also : Orolia Selected to Deliver the Next Generation Galileo GNSS Simulator.
– HAM radio experiments such as radio fox hunting or repeater abuse monitoring
– Tracking of assets, wildlife or domestic animals outside the network by using low power beacons
– Finding emergency beacons for search and rescue teams
– Finding lost ships via VHF radio
– Passive radar detection of aircraft, boats and drones
– Monitoring of traffic density by passive radar
– Beam formation
– Interferometry for radio astronomy

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KrakenSDR improvements over KerberosSDR

  • Automatic calibration hardware. It is no longer necessary to manually turn off the antennas during calibration. Everything happens automatically when you change the frequency. This will allow KrakenSDR stations to be controlled remotely.
  • Five channels. KrakenSDR has five channels instead of four, which significantly improves directional accuracy.
  • Low noise design. KrakenSDR has a cleaner spectrum with much less internal noise than KerberosSDR.
  • USB Type-C ports and robust, CNC milled box. KrakenSDR is designed for high field reliability.
  • Interface with external devices. Inclined tees on all ports allow easy powering of LNA and other devices.
  • Improved software for DAQ, DSP and GUI. Based on KerberosSDR software, KrakenSDR software adds automatic calibration, periodic signal tracking, greater stability, arbitrary processing block sizes, and a new web-based GUI.
  • Software upgrades. Improvements to existing accompanying software and plans for new accompanying software.
  • Custom application for Android A custom Android application that can automatically locate the transmitter and provide automatic cornering navigation to the transmitter location.
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KrakenSDR specifications

  • Five-channel coherent capability RTL-SDR, all clocked to a single local oscillator
  • Built-in hardware for automatic coherent synchronization
  • Automatic coherent synchronization and management through the provided Linux software
  • Setting range from 24 MHz to 1766 MHz (standard range R820T2 RTL-SDR and possibly higher with hacked drivers)
  • 4.5 V deflection tee on each port
  • Core DAQ and DSP software is open source and is designed to run on Raspberry Pi 4 (see links below)
  • Direction finding software for Android (free for non-commercial use)
  • Custom antenna set available

Source : Supply the crowd

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