Cloud, AI, SDx, digitalization: It seems as if IT is changing at an ever-faster pace, what does IT monitoring actually do?

If the press and analysts are to be believed, our IT landscape will look very different in the not-so-distant future. Of course, this is also a recurring topic in terms of IT monitoring. How to maintain the balance between media noise and what works in practice? What does the client need now and what will he need in a year and what role does the task of IT monitoring play?

Cloud – still a trend or an old hat?

The cloud is no longer a “trend” as such, as it has been around for some time, the cloud has received a new huge increase after Covid-19 and the resulting home office. To see also : The Critical Communications Review – Caltta Talks about Convergent Solution for Now & Future. I don’t think there has been a fundamental paradigm shift due to the pandemic: the cloud was already dominating the headlines before 2020 and just shifted a little more into focus due to Covid-19.

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