Like the military everywhere Europe and the world seeks to modernize its forces to counter emerging and future threats, end users are rediscovering high-frequency radio technology as a stable and cost-effective communication capability beyond the line of sight that provides improved interoperability and battlefield superiority in a multi-domain environment. .

Equipped with high-frequency radios, for example, tactically deployed forces in remote areas of the world are capable of communicating at distances of 3,000 kilometers or more, even in an environment rejected by satellites and caused by radio frequencies.

“High-frequency communications are always available even in the most demanding, rigorous, denied environments on today’s battlefield,” he said. Keith Norton, L3Harris Technologies Communication Systems Vice President of Europe and sales in Canada. “The high frequency provides an exceptional primary opportunity in a rejected environment in addition to complementing and effectively reducing the burden on the primary SATCOM systems. “

Modern high-frequency means of communication provide a tactical advantage by allowing ground forces to remain in motion and in constant contact, transmitting voice and data, while offering the necessary resilience in a contested environment. Without jeopardizing the exposure, teams may use the full range of their high-frequency communication radios to covertly coordinate with ground and air assets, as well as forwarding operational bases (FOBs), by voice, text, images and other data. and even establish blue-force tracking capabilities, missing satellite links, and cyber-resistant threats.

The new advances also include a sustainable chat capability via robust Android tablets, so soldiers will not interact with the radio itself, but only text in a way that is quite common among all generations in today’s world.

As a world leader in tactical communications, L3Harris Technologies is on top of advances in HF communications. Through continuous innovation, the company’s radios and related equipment provide new and improved capabilities never before possible with legacy HF radios to ensure that fighters have the most sustainable and proven solution.

L3Haris uses more than 50 years of engineering experience to provide next-generation HF broadband capabilities, including data speeds up to 10 times faster than other HF radios, giving fighters the power to share higher-speed communications and more complex ISRs by long distance connection.

The unsurpassed technology of the company’s sustainable waveform, the integration of 4G ALE and a set of modern high-frequency accessories provide ground troops on the tactical edge of the battlefield flexibility to effectively perform missions with speed in communication with L3Harris’ Falcon radio family. More than 135,000 radios within the Falcon II and III lines have been delivered to date and are fully compatible with each other and future iterations of the product line.

In addition, the potential for further cooperation in a multi-domain operation is increasing as more military aviators include high-frequency radios in their platforms for increased interoperability with ground forces.

– While you are partnering L3Haris, you can take full advantage of the use of well-known VULOS applications, such as ATAK, maximizing the added value of the vision-enhancing capabilities that the L3Harris HF offers today, ”said Norton. “With this easy-to-use development, L3Haris will continue to innovate and present the HF PACE plan in the analysis of your mission. “

L3Haris solutions, including Type 1 AN / PRC-160 and Type 3 RF-7800H, provide military advantages such as crypto-modernization enhancements, software-defined waveform updating and encryption architectures, and the ability to use existing infrastructure, all in some of the smallest , the lightest and fastest broadband high frequency radios on the market.

For more information on L3Harris Technologies’ For a complete portfolio of tactical solutions for radio frequency radios, visit www.l3harris.com/all-capabilities/tactical-hf-radios.

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