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RIYADH: The Saudi Cabinet has recently approved regulations for the country’s tourism authority that will give a new boost to the sector and contribute to its overall growth.

The cabinet, chaired by King Salman, approved 24 regulations regarding the Saudi Tourism Authority with an emphasis on global promotion, international and regional cooperation and tourism goals.

The Regulations will help the Authority achieve its tourism objectives in line with Vision 2030 and enable the Authority to play a key role in promoting the Kingdom as a tourism destination locally, regionally and globally.

One of the approved regulations enables the tourism authority to establish marketing offices both in the country and abroad. The aim is to increase visitor arrivals and realize the vision of positioning the Kingdom as a premier tourist destination, according to Umm Al-Qura, the country’s official newspaper.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khatib, who is also the chairman of the STA, emphasized that the Cabinet’s approval of the authority’s regulations underscores the government’s commitment to supporting the tourism sector in achieving its Vision 2030 goals.

Among the key objectives is cooperation with government authorities in the tourism sector to establish marketing offices for tourist destinations and oversee the strategies of these offices. In addition, the provisions include setting goals for visits and allocating funds in a manner that enhances private sector participation in this endeavor.

Under the new regulation, the tourism authority is now empowered to take all necessary measures to achieve its objectives, including formulating comprehensive plans and policies for the marketing of tourism in the Kingdom, domestically and internationally.

In addition, the regulation emphasizes the promotion and improvement of destinations in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, as well as the support and marketing of activities and events organized by government bodies and the private sector.

In addition, the authority is required to establish and maintain an up-to-date database covering all sites, tourist destinations, resorts and services in collaboration with the relevant authorities.

He is also tasked with carrying out activities related to the promotion of Umrah packages, which includes overseeing the development and management of each designated platform in coordination with relevant agencies.

In addition, the authority is mandated to assess the visitor experience, develop basic standards, tools and mechanisms, identify tourism priorities and challenges and subsequently share findings and implementation reports with the ministry.

Umm Al-Qura’s statement added that the authority should propose the necessary projects, policies and procedures to prepare the development of tourist sites and destinations that need rehabilitation or modernization and submit them to the Ministry of Tourism, in addition to the work with prominent local and international companies and institutions to provide products and tools with professional content and benefit from their expertise in tourism marketing in the Kingdom.

The source also said that STA is required to conduct marketing campaigns at home and abroad to promote tourism sites and products. This includes developing trademarks, registering them and securing any intellectual property rights related to tourism marketing under the authority’s name. The source emphasizes that the authority must also take all necessary actions related to these tasks and use them in accordance with the relevant rules.

The new regulation gives powers to develop and implement media plans to promote tourism in the country and globally. This includes organizing forums, conferences and local and global exhibitions.

In addition, the authority will offer administrative and technical support to owners of tourism products, facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises and implement training programs to improve marketing efficiency.

In addition, with an independent annual budget, STA is responsible for overseeing promotional campaigns, offering investment opportunities and coordinating with relevant entities to improve the travel experience. It will also collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism, government bodies and the private sector to formulate marketing policies and ensure compliance with the national tourism strategy.

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