electronics enclosure software-defined radio (SDR) military-grade

WATERLOO, Ontario – Pixus Technologies in Waterloo, Ontario, is introducing the rugged air-cooled RX310 electronics enclosure for software-defined radio (SDR) applications.

The ruggedized electronics enclosure uses the NI Ettus Research brand SDR, and provides transport-grade ruggedization levels. It features a powerful fan for enhanced cooling.

The enclosure accepts either the UBX or TwinRX daughter card options as well as the motherboard with an user-programmable Kintex-7 field-programmable gate array (FPGA).

Pixus offers air cooled, conduction-cooled IP67, and conduction-cooled military-grade versions of the X310 SDR. The company also is developing ruggedized enclosures for the NI B210, N310, and X410 styles.

For more information contact Pixus Technologies online at https://pixustechnologies.com, or NI at www.ni.com.

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