Elbit Systems’ New Backpackable Military IP Radio (MIPR) Supports WIde-Band, High-Rate Data Transmission

Elbit Systems is introducing a new, software-defined tactical handheld radio at Eurosatory, expanding its family of SDR radios to vehicle-mounted and dismounted applications. The new military IP radio (MIPR), defined by a backpack, weighs about four kg and is entirely developed by Elbit Systems.

Elbit Systems’ SDR-7200 Software Defined Radio. Photo: Elbit Systems

Earlier in 2010, Elbit Systems introduced the SDR-7200, an encrypted, software-defined frequency hopping radio designed to operate in tactical land, air, and naval platforms. Designed and developed by the company’s Land and C4I-Tadiran division, the new radio offers flexible interoperability with various networks, services, coalition forces and agencies that provide their waveforms for joint operations.

Eliminating the potential compromise of data security, the radio integrates an inherent firewall separating “black” from “red” information, enabling secure data transfer over secure networks while maintaining access to other systems. The new radio allows simultaneous voice and data operation on a single network using only 25 Khz of the VHF frequency band, allowing a maximum data rate of 115.2 kbps. Simultaneously, the radio can transfer multi-megabyte data rates over broadband connections. The new radio allows multiple operators to communicate and transfer data across one or more networks simultaneously, allowing for the reduction of radios held in a battle group, potentially saving weight and bulk space inside vehicles, surface vessels and aircraft.

At Eurosatory, Elbit Systems unveils the newest member of the family, the MiPR. This new tactical handheld radio can transfer data at speeds of up to 13.3 Mbps, allowing forward commanders, reconnaissance and target acquisition elements to access broadband information networks, facilitating the transmission of live video, voice and data over IP networks . The MIPR has various operational capabilities supporting LOS and NLOS connectivity and operation during mobility at speeds up to 300 km/h. A Voice over IP (VoIP) radio, the MIPR provides full-duplex voice communication with active noise reduction, selective calling, priority switching, and the ability to hear four voice groups simultaneously.

MIPR provides connectivity for dozens of network members. The system supports various configurations, including point-to-point (PtP), point-to-multipoint (PtMP), and mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET). The radio has built-in electronic countermeasures (ECCM) using jammer rejection, bit spreading and frequency hopping. It also supports secure communication through advanced encryption algorithms.

Elbit Systems has developed the SDR radios as part of an Israeli Ministry of Defense program since 2005. The initial systems were delivered in 2010 and are equipping military formations at tactical levels as part of the Digital Army Program (DAP).

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