Israel’s C4ISR Systems at Eurosatory

Trilogical’s PLP (Photo: Trilogical)

Next week at Eurosatory, Israeli C4I leaders will showcase their latest solutions, including the latest technologies from broadband networks to Software Defined Radios (SDRs), frequency hopping radios and enabling military users to establish communications over affordable commercial infrastructures.

SIBAT, the Ministry of Defense’s business relations division, which works closely with the IDF and Israel’s defense industry, said the Israeli pavilion at Eurosatory will showcase broadband video communications solutions, specialized data links that use commercial broadband protocols, tracking and reporting solutions based on narrowband radios, satellite communications and access services, software services, etc.


Athena, a provider of security and intelligence solutions, will present two of its latest advanced solutions dealing with intelligence generation and early warning of online activities.

Athena’s CK2I is a complete system for generating and managing operational insights for organizations. Their CY-HUMINT is an early warning system that monitors suspicious activities in cyberspace. Both solutions are developed by Athena’s intelligence experts based on their extensive experience in the field.

CK2I is a unique next-generation knowledge management system that spans all aspects of the intelligence workflow, giving an intelligence-gathering agency the ability to implement a unified, comprehensive platform that turns raw data into meaningful insights and operational intelligence into real time. As a complete end-to-end solution, CK2I handles knowledge management, analytics, collaboration and data integration.

Advanced modules manage information collection, multi-layered information security, workflow management and advanced analytics – including visual link analysis and automated case updates. CK2I also provides precise access control, segmentation and “pushing” of need-to-know information. Data is collected automatically from national databases and other sources and integrated into a unified view of groups and processes. The rules-based engine identifies alerts in real-time and forwards them to relevant analysts who use advanced tools to deliver insights.

Athena’s CY-HUMINT addresses the need for real-time surveillance of social networks, which have become a preferred venue for planning and organizing terrorist, criminal and civil unrest. CY-HUMINT provides a set of advanced tools—including passive intelligence gathering, collaboration, and advanced analysis capabilities—that enable researchers and intelligence officials to operate in cyberspace. The system allows them to identify threats and deliver early warnings of planned activities before they occur.

Gilat Satcom

Gilat Satcom – a leading provider of communication solutions for satellite and optical-based connectivity services – will present two new solutions at Eurosatory: SuricatePRO and Iridium Tactical Radio.

The SuricatePRO wireless iridium link provides full coverage for iridium (satellite) devices in underground and closed facilities. Available in wired (Suricate) or wireless (SuricatePRO) configurations, the solution enables communication via iridium satellite phones – up to three simultaneous calls – in secure environments such as military operations rooms and bunkers.

Gilat Satcom’s Iridium tactical radio solution allows the headquarters to be part of the tactical network, regardless of the distance between them. The solution is based on a DRS unit (Dynamic Relay System) that offers a set of tactical radio communication functions, giving IP Mesh Radio functions to any tactical communication system, regardless of frequency range or modulation method. Equipping a network with DRS devices immediately provides tactical echelons with ad-hoc networking capabilities.

Trilogical Technologies

Trilogical Technologies, a leader in mobile resource management solutions for armed forces, civil authorities and private enterprises, will showcase a range of precision, modular C4I solutions for defence, security, law enforcement and first responders.

Trilogical’s solutions – comprising advanced hardware and software – consist of a command and control platform (C4Harmony) integrated with field units that are placed on a person, vehicle or asset being tracked. The company’s defense solutions include closed systems for small operational units or open systems that integrate with existing communications systems (eg the IDF’s DAP – the Digital Army Program).

The company will highlight two solutions for military and first aid applications – an advanced C4 system for soldiers – PLP-H, and C⁴Patrol – a first response vehicle solution to effectively manage operations in the field.

Together with Gilat Satcom, Trilogical will launch the PLP-H – an advanced iridium-based military C4 device for search and rescue operations. The PLP-H device is a tracking, navigation and communication device that ensures that field personnel always know their exact location and that their exact location is always visible, regardless of geographic location or communication limitations. The device provides cutting-edge satellite and GPRS technology in addition to two-way messaging and navigation capabilities. Fast and accurate tracking is provided by iridium-based satellite and cellular communication, roaming between them to control costs. The device allows field personnel to call for help by activating a distress call, transmitting messages via encrypted two-way messaging, marking points of interest for later reference, and receiving encrypted waypoints and route instructions from the back office

The other solution highlighted is Trilogical’s C⁴Patrol for first aid. The solution is a comprehensive management tool that improves employee safety, helps resolve complaints and preserves the chain of evidence. The advanced control and surveillance system for military and police patrols automates law enforcement fleets. Among its features are a smart army/police dispatcher, an event/task handler, an input/output view for streaming video, and automated reporting and analysis.

In both solutions, all data collected by the remote units is transmitted to the command and control center via flexible communications covering a range of technologies including cellular, satellite and wireless (VHF, Wi-Fi).

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