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Codan also offers LMR P25 digital and analog radio systems that exceed industry standards and are known for their strength, portability and low power consumption, making them able to survive in the most adverse environments.

Long-distance digital communication for tactical deployment

Codan Long Distance Technology (LRDR) is an evolution of the standard HF, using the HF spectrum to provide superior voice quality and data transmission, providing the user with a communication experience with the clarity and ease of cellular and digital terrestrial mobile communications. To see also : Electronic Warfare: The Russian Threat No One Is Paying Attention to (Until Now).

Our HF products are designed and manufactured to withstand the most challenging conditions. They are known for:

  • Easy to use: Codan products are intuitive to use, easy to learn and offer simple solutions to complex communication problems.
  • High reliability: We are constantly focusing on high reliability solutions, ensuring that you can communicate when needed.
  • Low power consumption: Codan products are built with low power consumption, which leads to continuous operation and long battery life and long operation for a long period. With the available solar options, Codan products ensure full availability of communications.
  • Robust design and operation: Our products are designed for the most adverse conditions, usually withstanding temperatures from -30 ° C to 60 ° C.

Our range of tactical communication products includes:

  • Radio stations
  • Base stations
  • Car radios
  • Tactical repeaters
  • Encryptors
  • Masts for quick deployment
  • Tactical antennas and whips
  • Power amplifiers
  • Power supplies
  • Data and email applications
  • Transportable systems
  • Interoperability ports
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Sentry-H 6110-MP Backpack for tactical operations

Codan’s Sentry-H 6110-MP offers a reliable human-portable software-defined radio (SDR) solution for military organizations that requires uncompromising, secure voice communication and data on the go. Read also : Global Commercial Radars Market Report (2021 to 2030) – COVID-19 Impact and Recovery | 2021-06-02 | Press Releases.

Key features of the Sentry-H 6110-MP include:

Compact and lightweight: the 6110-MP sets a new standard for size and weight for radios with RF backpacks with durability and reliability as a focus. It weighs less than 5 kg, including the battery, with one of the smallest factors available.

Intelligent performance: The Codan 6110-MP’s internal SDR architecture includes the latest generation of high-performance digital signal processor (DSP), field-programmable portal array (FPGA) and system chip technology (SoC). It provides exceptional performance and future upgrades via high-power IP connectivity via Ethernet / Wi-Fi and USB.

High power: The 6110-MP features full 30W RF output power in a high-performance SDR platform that can deliver up to 79 hours of battery life. With an extremely clear transmission signal and industry-leading receiver performance, the 6110-MP provides exceptional clarity of HF communications.

Secure Communication: The 6110-MP ensures that your information and team stay safe and secure using AES-256 bit encryption applied to data transfers, digital voice and 3G ALE. An internal frequency hopping option is provided to prevent interference and third-party monitoring and to keep your information safe.

Exceptional digital and analog voice clarity: Codan’s digital voice technology delivers significantly reduced hiss, popping, popping and multi-beam RF effects, enabling voice quality similar to modern mobile phones.

Intuitive operations: Codan knows that when life is online, radio operation must be of a second nature. The 6110-MP provides an intuitive user interface that can be switched to different languages ​​for quick and instinctive control.

About Codan Communications

Codan Communications is a global technology company that develops robust technology solutions to address customer communication, security, safety and productivity issues in some of the world’s harshest environments. On the same subject : Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Communication Market Global Insights, Size and Outlook 2020 to 2026 – Pugwash News.

We offer tactical communication solutions that allow our customers to be connected, ultimately to support critical missions around the world. With almost 60 years in business, we have earned a reputation for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction by producing innovative and industry-leading technology solutions.

Codan Communications is a member of the Codan Group of Companies.

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About Domo Tactical Communications

DTC is the world’s leading supplier of MIMO MESH. DTC radio solutions provide short-range, low-band communications suitable for wireless transmission of video and other data applications. The DTC is an established supplier to customers, including military and special forces, intelligence agencies, border controls, and responders. The DTC is headquartered in the United States with locations in the United Kingdom and Denmark, with more than 140 employees.

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