Asia-Pacific C4ISR Market: Industry Insights, Major Key Players and Current Trends Analysis and Forecast: 2022-2031

Japan, Japan, Tue, 05 April 2022, 22:54:31 / Comserve Inc. / – The C4ISR Asia-Pacific market is expected to register a CAGR of over 4% over the forecast period.

IN Asia-Pacific C4ISR market is expected to register a CAGR of over 4% over the forecast period.

– Advances and developments in the field of battlefield management to improve tactical communications and improve the effectiveness of surveillance and intelligence missions drive the Asia-Pacific market of C4ISR.
– Growing demand for e-war development from countries in the region such as China, India and Japan, among others, is expected to generate more demand in the C4ISR market.
– The growing use of artificial intelligence is also affecting market growth, as the complexity of the current C4ISR environment and the large amount of data generated have necessitated automated systems that can receive large volumes of data, process them with low latency and extract effective data. intelligence.

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Key market trends

The land segment had the largest market share in 2019

Currently, the land segment dominates the market due to growing territorial problems between countries in the region. Apart from the problems between the countries in the region, which share a common land border, for some countries in the region conflicts with the enemy forces also prevail. These problems have forced countries to increase their ISR capabilities, in addition to modernizing their armed forces. These factors are expected to stimulate the purchase of various land vehicles, which in turn is expected to generate more demand for better and improved tactical communication links, along with e-war hardware and software. However, countries in the region face major challenges such as providing infrastructure for data storage and digging, bringing more synergies to analysis, improving image processing and information sharing capabilities, digitizing existing information and its interconnection. In addition, the space segment is expected to grow with the highest CAGR over the forecast period, as the need for better monitoring and faster response times increases over the years and countries in the Asia-Pacific region are investing heavily to gain more good space-based C4ISR capabilities to enhance knowledge of activities in the region.

China will experience the highest CAGR during the forecast period

China had the highest market share in 2019 and is expected to dominate the market throughout the forecast period due to the development of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance satellites and complex ground infrastructure, which are located in the emerging network of China-Central Army . In addition, the country is involved in the development of advanced UAVs, such as the Wing Loong ID UAV, designed for missions such as intelligence, surveillance and intelligence (ISR), border patrol, counter-terrorism and anti-smuggling. China has developed its own AEWC & C system, KJ-2000. The KJ-2000 has a locally produced phased array radar capable of simultaneously tracking sixty to one hundred air targets at a distance of up to four hundred and seventy kilometers. China is also investing heavily in space C4ISR capabilities. The country has allocated significant resources to improving space research, development and launch infrastructure. In the last few years, there has been great progress in China’s C4ISR-related space development programs, such as the Beidou-2 series, which is the country’s GPS alternative and will receive global coverage by mid-2020. China is also modernizing and expanding its infrastructure to launch into space to facilitate C4ISR space programs. Such a development is expected to stimulate growth in the country’s market over the forecast period.

The competitive environment

Prominent international players in the C4ISR Asia-Pacific market are Lockheed Martin Corporation, Thales Group, Raytheon Company, BAE Systems plc and General Dynamics Corporation. However, due to the growing local development of weapons, military equipment and manned and unmanned vehicles, countries such as China and India are supporting local players, including AVIC and DRDO, to develop modern military technologies that can sustain the armed forces. This is expected to hamper the growth of international players in the Asia-Pacific region. Many companies present their products in the countries of the region in order to increase their market presence in the region. For example, in February 2020, at DEFEXPO India, Rafael Advanced Systems introduced the BNET Broadband IP SDR (Software Defined Radio) for tactical communications, providing a high-speed, reliable, low-latency connection for broadband data, voice and video traffic. According to the company, it provides unprecedented network capacity in terms of data speeds, number of users and minimal latency, BNET allows all terrestrial, marine and airborne radios to participate in a single, seamless, scalable mobile and hosted network (MANET). The companies also benefit from modernization programs implemented by the countries, for example in March 2020 the Indonesian Navy signed a contract with Thales and Len Industri for the complete modernization of the mission system of the multi-purpose light frigate KRI Usman-Harun. Under the contract, Thales and Len Industri will install the TACTICOS combat control system, the SMART-S Mk2 air and surface monitoring radar, the STIR EO Mk2 radar and the EO fire control system and the R-ESM Vigile Mk2 tactical multi-purpose system. The modernization of KRI Usman-Harun is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. Such a development is expected to strengthen market opportunities for foreign players in the region.

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