Winona City Council considering opting out of medical marijuana law

WINONA, Ms. (WCBI) – Mayor of Winona says city council tends to abandon Mississippi medical marijuana law.

“I talked to a local pharmacist, I talked to a local doctor, and they’re not all about that,” said Mayor Aaron Deeze.

Mayor Deez says he and city council members have received conflicting reports on the specifics of Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act.

“Every adult aged 18 and over can grow up to three mature plants and three immature plants,” the mayor said, citing one of his reported concerns.

However, the law states that neither patients nor their carers have the right to grow their own marijuana.

“Will I be able to take it in pill form?” Will I be able to take it in some other form or should I just smoke it? ”Mayor Deeze asks.

The law includes oils, extracts, pills and beverages in the definition of “cannabis products”.

After the bill was signed on February 2nd, local governments had 90 days to decide whether to resign or not.

The mayor says local law enforcement is strongly opposed.

“Law enforcement believes it will leave the door open for more crime,” said Mayor Deez. “People who have the card, who can say that there is no way to duplicate this card?”

However, several Winona residents say they support a medical marijuana program available in the city.

“I think the city should consider bringing him here,” said Tanika Hardiman. “From what I’ve seen on the news and other things, it actually helps people who are in critical condition.

“God has done this, so He will help us,” says Robert Heron. “It’s not like taking drugs or you can be addicted to it, like pills and things like that.

Mayor Deese says he supports cannabis use in medicine as long as there is proper oversight.

“I’m in favor if it will help a cancer patient,” he said. “I’m in favor if you can get it in some form they’re willing to use. I’m in favor if you have a card and you can use it for that reason.

But they will have to make a decision one way or another before May 3, 2022.

“At this point, we have not joined or refused,” said Mayor Deez. “We know we are fast approaching this deadline. So we definitely have to make a decision. “

The next meeting of the Winona Municipal Council is scheduled for March 15.

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