SDR As A Police And Fire Radio Scanner

If you’ve lost interest in that DVB dongle you bought to try software-defined radio, you should ditch it. [Harrison Sand] just completed a guide to how to use SDR to listen to police and fire radio tapes.

The project, which results in crystal clear audio reception heard after the outage, uses entire package lists in a Windows box to access the emergency tapes. SDRSharp which is popular with other DVB dongle hacks, handles the hardware work. In this case, the key is a Newsky TV28T v2 module that he picked up for a few bucks. It also uses some support programs, including Digital Speech Decoder, which converts the data into audio.

We wonder how many areas this will work for. It was our understanding that law enforcement was moving to encrypted communication systems. But all we really know about it is this you can jam the system with a child’s toy.

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