Texas project for 6G

Called 6G @ UT, the project envisions each of the founding companies sponsoring at least two specific three-year projects, including new monitoring methods specific to wireless machine learning algorithms and network innovation.

“Advances in both wireless communications and machine learning over the past decade have been incredible, but separate,” said project director Professor Jeffrey Andrews. “Along with huge new detection and localization capabilities, 6G will be defined by unprecedented native intelligence.” which will transform the network’s ability to provide amazing services. “

“The vision of 5G for detection is not bold enough,” said Todd Humphreys, an associate professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at UT Austin. so that vital connections to automated vehicles, AR / VR headsets and other delay-sensitive applications can be maintained with complete reliability. “

The university said: “Other key pillars of the new hub and key parts of 6G include the need to open up new spectrum and low-orbit satellite links around the Earth to improve coverage in rural and urban areas and design new network architectures that to enable better resource and sharing infrastructure “, adding that next generation networks” will be loaded with radar, visual, audio, lidar, thermal, seismic and broadband software-defined radio sensors, which will provide unprecedented information about the situation of applications and devices operating on the network ‘.

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