CANDL lights up MUM-T demonstrations

Compact overhead data network connection (CANDL). (Photo: Patria)

Patria is committed to a Finnish-German research project on collaboration between manned aircraft and UAVs.

Ongoing Finnish-German joint unmanned equipment (MUM-T) the research project includes Patria’s Compact Airborne Networking Data Link (CANDL) wireless communications system, the Finnish company announced on October 29th.

Patria participates as part of an industrial team led by Airbus Defense and Space in Germany.

“CANDL is designed for reliable and mute-resistant communication for applications that require network capabilities between multiple assets,” notes Patria.

The software-defined radio data link system provides 8Mbit / s data rate and secure C2 channel, as well as digital HD video and voice transfer.

As early as the fourth quarter of 2021, the Finnish and German military conducted test and demonstration flights MUM-T with CANDL.

Johnny Virtavuori, director of international sales at System Business at Patria, said the company first delivered Airbus CANDL data terminals in 2017 “For MUM-T related capabilities and scenarios to enable data transfer between manned and unmanned aerial platforms as well as associated ground systems”.

He added: “CANDL’s unique combination of reliable and network communication allows LVC-based training … for future training needs and requirements.”

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