Pirates Are Broadcasting Troll Faces On Russian Military Radio

Protesters against the ongoing war in Ukraine appear to be literally “trolling” the Russian military by broadcasting photos of troll faces on their radio stations.

Footage shared by both a Reddit user and Twitter page for anonymous shows the troll’s face appearing on a radio show with a wide smile, as if designed to mock those who try to use the radio for more serious communication.

It is not clear who exactly is behind the creation, but it was first published in YouTube p. North Royalton yesterday, March 6, as Russia continues the second week of the invasion of Ukraine.

The video garnered thousands of views YouTube in the hours since it was published until it is completed Reddit he received praise from a user who replied: “Troll level: maximum”.

In response to another Redditor who asked what methods North Royalton used to “read the air or whatever”, YouTuber told them: “Search kiwi sdr on Google [sic]’.

KiwiSDR is available as an application that “provides access to the card of the broadband shortwave radio”, which assumes that YouTube uses the software to capture and share the message sent by the trolls. They also provided Internet users with the radio frequency at which the broadcast was broadcast, writing on YouTube: “4625 kHz is the frequency at which the buzzer is broadcast.”

Another Redditor from u / myselfelsewhere explained that the SDR was “capable of transmitting signals at almost any wavelength” and that it offered “the ability to control the frequency of transmission via software”.

The rest of the world has seen protests in support of Ukraine. (Alami)

They continued: “The video shows a graph of the waterfall, where the horizontal axis is the radio frequency. The vertical axis is the time where the older data is at the bottom and the most recent data is at the top. The color represents the signal strength in the frequency and time points of the graph.

published on8 days ago

“If someone broadcast troll faces on the same frequency as your wireless router, it has the same effect as noise. This may interfere with communication between your device and the router. If the interference is strong enough, the devices will no longer be able to communicate, “they continued.

Redditor added that while “a few troll faces won’t cause as much interference here and there”, they could be enough to slow down data transfers.

The person or people behind the radio are not the only ones sabotaging Russia through the media, as Anonymous also claims to have hacked Russian state television to share footage of the conflict in Ukraine.

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