Meet Chronos at DSEI 2023

Chronos Technology is exhibiting at DSEI London 2023, showcasing our defense and security capabilities.

The Chronos team will be on hand to discuss all things GNSS, including GPS repeaters, revolutionary GPS underground solutions, handheld GPS jamming detectors, GNSS simulators, antennas, expert installations, asset tracking and sustainable timing solutions. Come and meet us in Hall 2, Stand H2-681 in the UK Pavilion.

GPS / GNSS repeaters carrying the signal inside

You can bring satellite signals indoors with our military-grade GNSS repeater and relay systems, making it possible to carry out repairs out of sight, in your hangar or bunker. We can really help you find GNSS repeaters in vehicles and aircraft for field use. Troops get a stronger GPS signal and longer battery life on their devices, and it also enables applications like HALO 4 and HAHO 5. GPS repeaters are also ideal for product testing, especially in anechoic cameras. In addition, Chronos supplies RF solutions over fiber that offer very low signal loss plus improved security, enabling connections over several kilometers without the need for amplification. This makes the solution ideal for government and defense buildings or distributed antenna system (DAS) applications.

Safe, reliable, accurate PNT

We partner with Microchip and Septentrio to provide sustainable GNSS services for military applications. Guaranteed, reliable and accurate PNT is the key to successful operations, the data must be reliable and true even under the most demanding conditions. Accurate position and navigation are vital for ground vehicles, while reliable time signals synchronize communications. Critical infrastructure, such as power and telecommunications installations, also rely on a guaranteed PNT to counter malicious jamming and spoofing attacks.

Enable GPS / GNSS application underground

Available worldwide for positioning, navigation and weather, GPS and GNSS signals cannot reach underground facilities. Operators and personnel are then deprived of the enormous benefits of geolocation, both for safety and management efficiency.

More powerful than a GNSS repeater and capable of being adapted to customer use cases, Syntony’s SubWAVE can generate real-time true GNSS coordinates that can be calculated from standard receivers. Operators can monitor their entire network and locate their assets and personnel in real-time with longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates.

GNSS simulators

Simulate damaged/degraded satellite signals with the Constellator™ GNSS Simulator to test the integrity of your systems. Constellator’s uniqueness lies in the union of SDR (software defined radio), state-of-the-art RF analog front-end and simulation models, combined with peak processing performance and superior RF quality, now found in a COTS appliance with the most simulation flexibility control. Whether you need a GPS simulator or a fully functional GNSS simulator, Constellator is the perfect solution for your test environment.

Asset management

Resolve Foreign Object Debris (FOD) issues in aircraft hangars by accounting for all tools and materials with our asset tracking solution that also tracks personnel.

GNSS distribution systems

Using RF over fiber solutions, Chronos can securely distribute GNSS throughout a building (manufacturing, data centers, test labs, etc.) to enable indoor GNSS testing/timing with over-the-air or hard-wired repeaters to each receiver.

GNSS jamming and jamming and location detection

Chronos can supply handheld GPS jamming and jamming detectors for use in the field to detect and locate the source of jamming and intentional signal attacks.

About Chronos Technology

Chronos Technology is a leading international authority in resilient timing and timing systems, intelligent technology, GNSS and cybersecurity solutions for critical national infrastructure with unrivaled industry experience gained over 35 years in GNSS, PTP, NTP and SyncE. Working closely with our customers and their changing requirements, our team of technical experts provides end-to-end solutions from network design, solution specification, installation and commissioning, monitoring and auditing and 24/365 support, ensuring the best performance for weather and navigation apps. Our clients trust us as experts in the telecommunications, finance, energy, data center, aerospace, defense and security, enterprise/IT, emergency services, transportation and manufacturing sectors.

A world leader in GNSS vulnerability detection and geolocation technologies, Chronos also specializes in equipment for industrial positioning, navigation and synchronization (PNT) solutions through website including revolutionary underground GPS coverage solutions and repeatable GPS solutions.

Chronos is proud to be an employee-owned company.


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