How to Apply Open Standards to Systems Using Modular Radio Frequency Architectures

Originally aired on September 26, 2023. Now available on demand.

Sponsors: Abaco Systems, Elma Electronic and Sciens Innovatons

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Support for MOSA initiatives is being accelerated, thanks to modular open standard architectures such as SOSA and MORA. Adoption helps streamline the process of updating adaptive and scalable general computing elements for the warfighter; specifically, support for avionics and wind RF systems is even more accessible.

The Modular Open Radio Architecture (MORA) accelerates the development of open standards-based RF and microwave modules that can be used in systems enabled by standards-based CMOSS and SOSA intended for ground vehicles. MORA uses Vehicular Integration for C5ISR/EW Interoperability (VICTORY) interfaces, MORA compliant for VICTORY Data Bus (VBD) and MORA Low Latency Bus (ML2B) for data sharing.

This webinar brings together experts in the design and implementation of hardware and software components that can be used to develop and deploy RF designs in field applications, including adaptive reuse of these modular components. Design considerations extend from the hull platforms designed to support the CMOSS vehicle footprints (CMFF & SAVE), to the payload cards that support mission-specific functionality, to the software and firmware elements that enable the system to be ready for MORA compliant RF deployment. The session will conclude with an interactive question and answer period.


Sean Fisher | Vice President of Business Development | Abaco

Shawn Fischer is Vice President of Business Development at Abaco Systems. With 20 years of experience leading business development activities in the defense and aerospace markets, Sean has extensive experience in engineering, product and program management, and a detailed knowledge of DOD’s modernization efforts. Sean works to align all business development activities with Abaco’s robust, embedded hardware portfolio, product development roadmaps, marketing, service support organizations, partner relationships and R&D. Shawn holds a BS in Computer Engineering with a focus in Software from Auburn University.

Ken Grob, Director | Embedded Technologies | Elma

Ken Grob is director of embedded technologies for Elma Electronic. He is responsible for managing the company’s integrated platform solutions. He was co-owner of a respected embedded subsystem integration company. He is a highly respected technical expert in open architectures for embedded computing and a leading contributor to the VITA standards and the SOSA™ technical standard. Ken holds a BSEE from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

Travis Doll, Ph.D. CEO and President | knowing

Travis Dole, PhD, is a software engineer specializing in digital signal processing with years of industry experience developing and delivering robust collection capabilities to the intelligence community. He is the CEO and President of Sciens Innovations, a hardware and software design and development company with expertise in high performance SDR solutions using specifications and frameworks such as MORA, VITA 49.2, REDHAWK and GNURadio. Dr. Dole received his PhD and MSEE from Drexel University, specializing in digital signal processing, and his BS in Computer Science from Dickinson College.

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