Honeywell announces alternative military-grade navigation technology

New technologies use different inputs to ensure trouble-free navigation, even when GPS signals fail. (Photo: Honeywell)

Honeywell has successfully demonstrated a number of new alternative navigation technologies designed for military aircraft. According to Honeywell, new technologies will provide seamless navigation when GPS systems are blocked or inaccessible.

Vision-Aided Navigation uses a live optical or infrared camera and compares it to maps to provide accurate positioning, with GPS-level accuracy when there may be GPS jamming.

Celestial navigation observes stars and reference objects orbiting the Earth to determine position and speed in the same way as GPS.

Magnetic anomalous navigation measures the magnetic force with sensors and uses data from a geographic magnetic map to identify the position of an aircraft relative to the Earth.

These alternative navigation systems are still under development, but will be available in 2022, with initial deliveries starting in 2023.

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