Epiq Solutions Awarded Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Contract for Next Generation RF Sensor and Spectrum Monitoring System

Epiq Solutions wins contract with DIU SWiM

Our participation in the SWiM project provides a unique offer for DIU users and will complement our existing Flying Fox Enterprise solution.

Epiq Solutions, a company trusted by federal agencies to provide software-defined radio (SDR) instruments for critical RF situational awareness, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by Department of Defense Innovation (DIU), an organization of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to provide highly innovative RF sensors and processing in support of the US Government Spectrum and wireless monitoring (SWiM) project. This agreement allows for cooperation with the DIU to create a solution that the US government can ultimately use to protect against threats posed by wireless devices. Epiq Solutions plans to use its significant experience in its development and implementation Flying Fox® Enterprise product, proven wireless device detection technology and location when creating the new solution.

DIU is a DoD organization focused exclusively on the introduction and scaling of commercial technology in the US military to help address critical issues affecting national security. With this contract, Epiq Solutions will provide the Ministry of Defense with a locally managed commercially available (COTS) sensor network solution, powered by Flying Fox Enterprise and delivered on a modular, open, non-proprietary platform. This will allow DoD users to mitigate wireless threats and enforce federal security policies by monitoring both unintentional and intentionally malicious wireless broadcasts from wireless devices in a wide variety of sensitive information devices (SCIFs).

Flying Fox Enterprise is ideal to be the engine for the DIU SWiM project. This is the only product of its kind that has passed the accreditation test and is included in the list List of DoDIN approved products (APL). It comes from the standard program (GOTS) – COTS with the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), and previous versions have been used for years by federal agencies to provide 24/7 detection and location of wireless devices. Flying Fox Enterprise’s innovative technology allows full visibility of wireless devices in the commercial wireless spectrum.

“We are honored to have been selected by the DIU to help protect the Department of Defense from threats to national security in their protected areas,” said John Orlando, co-founder and CEO of Epiq Solutions. “Our participation in the SWiM project provides a unique offering to DIU users and will complement our existing Flying Fox Enterprise solution by innovating the sensory network of a number of government clients.”

Together, Epiq Solutions’ extensive experience with RF sensor technology and the Flying Fox Enterprise product will enable the DIU SWiM project to achieve its goals of deploying highly accessible, globally deployed, locally managed / supported hybrid COTS / government emergency Shelf (GOTS) RF sensors. a solution for 24/7 use to meet the needs of federal security.

About the Department of Defense Innovation

The Department of Defense Innovation (DIU) is accelerating the adoption of trade technologies in the military and increasing the innovation base for national security. DIU has partnered with Defense Ministry (DoD) organizations to rapidly prototype, field, and scale advanced commercial solutions to national security challenges. Learn more at diu.mil.

About Epiq Solutions

Epiq Solutions develops state-of-the-art RF tools that provide situational awareness and a detailed view of RF environments to identify and take action against wireless threats. With more than a decade of service to government-oriented industries and more than 15,000 SDRs, Epiq Solutions understands speed, cost and performance for defense and security applications. Our radically small, state-of-the-art SDR transceiver modules and ready-made RF sensor tools minimize size, weight and power consumption. Whether it is necessary to develop mission-critical defense communications for the battlefield or to protect sensitive information in protected areas, Epiq Solutions is a reliable provider of RF solutions. For more information on Epiq Solutions products and services, please visit epiqsolutions.com.

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