ECS introduces new datalink system for unmanned applications

from Gerard Cowan

The UK-based Enterprise Control Systems (ECS) has launched a new radio frequency data device aimed at the drone market.

Tove’s new data link is optimized for reduced size, weight and power (SWaP) applications and is specifically targeted at unmanned aerial vehicles, ground and surface vehicles (UAV, UGV and USV).

ECS has previously focused on the production of tactical data for communications for manned aircraft, as well as for combating unmanned aerial vehicles (C-UAV) and improvised explosive devices (C-IED), among other systems.

Tove digital radio frequency connection for unmanned applications. (Enterprise management systems)

Tove is based on data from Evenlode, designed for larger platforms such as fixed-wing aircraft, said Jackson White, director of business development at ECS. Jane’s.

However, the drone market naturally requires less payload, he said. This is achieved by integrating the system with software-defined radio stations (SDR), which minimizes circuits and other components, while reducing the energy consumption of the radio.

The technology still provides high-resolution data formats over multiple channels, White said, such as transmitting UAV video to a ground station. It is also backward compatible with current ECS receiving systems.

“Existing ECS ​​defense clients can continue to use their current infrastructure,” White said.

Tove’s development is due to the growing demand from the military and other customers, who are increasingly relying on unmanned systems. ECS, which was recently acquired by the US-based SPX, said in a separate statement that Tove could conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions in the air, sea or land, up to ranges of up to 100 km. SDR technology also helps ensure a stable long-distance connection with the ability to quickly reconnect.

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UK-based enterprise management systems (ECS) have launched a new radio frequency data linker aimed at …

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