DoD orders more than 11,000 software-defined radios

Raytheon Technologies Collins Aerospace provides the United States Armed Forces with 11,313 of its own AN / ARC-210 (V) software-defined radio stations (SDRs), under a $ 316.73 million contract modification from the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division.

The SDRs will be installed on more than 400 strategic and tactical air, sea and ground platforms for the US Army, US Coast Guard, USMC and USN, as well as other government agencies and FMS clients.

The work will take place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and is expected to be completed by September 2023.

Shephard Defense Insight notes that the AN / ARC-210 family is the standard UHF / VHF air communication system for the USN and USAF, as well as used by other US services and allies.

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