Defense & Drone Companies Place Repeat Orders with

  • One of the world’s largest Tier-1 military drone manufacturers has placed a follow-up order for an additional Mobilicom Mesh networking product
  • The repeat orders demonstrate market appeal for Mobilicom’s solutions, which are used in drone and military settings

Shoham, Israel, Oct. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mobile phone Limited (Mobile phone or Company, NASDAQ: MOB, MOBBW; ASX: MOB), a provider of cybersecurity and robust solutions for drones and robotics, today announced that it has secured two follow-on orders, including one order from a major Tier 1 customer.

One of Mobilicom’s current customers, a Tier-1 global leader in the defense and space market and one of the largest drone manufacturers in the world, placed an order for Network network to be built into a new platform solution. Customer previously purchased SkyHopper Datalinks. The MCU-30 (part of the Mesh Networking product family) is a cyber-secure combined software-defined radio (SDR) with mobile MESH and IP communications that connects multiple platforms to a fleet and group operation.

Another current Mobilicom customer, a manufacturer of Remotely Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS), has placed a repeat order for more Mobile ground control stations. The customer previously made an initial purchase in the design phase, followed by a scale-up order earlier this year when its system entered commercialization, and continues to order Mobilicom’s systems as demand grows. Mobile ground control stations are a critical component of remotely controlled weapon systems, one of the fastest growing segments of the defense industry.

“Security, defense and highly targeted military operations are increasingly deploying autonomous, unmanned and aerial systems. Recent events underscore the need for preparedness. Mobilicom is proud to play a key role in bringing the most advanced cybersecurity drone systems to those who keep the peace and protect the innocent,” said Mobilicom CEO and Founder Oren Elkayam.

About Mobilicom

Mobilicom is a leading provider of robust cybersecurity solutions for the fast-growing defense and commercial drone and robotics markets. Mobilicom’s large portfolio of field-proven technologies includes cybersecurity, software, hardware and professional services that power, connect, guide and secure drones and robotics. Through worldwide deployments with over 50 customers, including the world’s largest drone manufacturers, Mobilicom’s end-to-end solutions are used in mission-critical functions.

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