Coherent Logix to attend the 2022 Sea-Air-Space Exposition

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, April 1, 2022 / – Coherent Logix, Inc., a provider of industry-destructive, innovative semiconductor solutions and engineering design services, will attend Sea-Air-Space in 2022. The 2022 conference will be held on 4- April 6 at National Harbor, Maryland, will include innovations in the marine arena.

During the conference, Coherent Logix will discuss their neuromorphic processor applications and solutions supported by their 4th generation HyperX computing capabilities.® processor. The HyperX Digital Stream Processor (hxDSP) architecture allows traditionally hard-coded logic functions to be transformed into virtualized functions while meeting and even exceeding product performance, power, footprint, and cost.

In addition, Coherent Logix has a new player in its Virtual Chip System (VSOC) family, the hx40416 processor. This processor is suitable for large-scale applications. With 416 processing elements, hx40416 is a highly scalable architecture related to data flow, event flow and reactive processing paradigms. It is very suitable for moving data that requires processing high-speed applications and large amounts of data.
With hxDSP technology at the heart of this new 416 core, the software-defined component allows seamless on-site program updates without requiring replacement of embedded systems. Features of this new generation VSOC include:

• 416 Core Processing Array
• Built-in quad-core RISC-V GPP
• 3.0 Tb / s serial I / O plus a solid addition of options for terminal input / output devices
• Scalable 416 PEs solutions per single matrix, MCM or multiple packaged chips
• Chiplet-IO architecture (customization of IO solutions)
• Complete environment for software development and tools for precision cycle simulator (hxISDE)

HyperX technology specializes in sequential processing, which makes it particularly adept at performing software-defined radio (SDR) and cognitive adaptive radio functions. Coherent implementations of Logix SDRs can be HW / SW optimized through their HyperX Universal Front End (hxUFE) chipset. This is a domain-specific device consisting of blocks of an integrated circuit with hardware, software or 100% software-defined functions.

HyperX technology supports space applications, including LEO, and advanced signal processing applications that support 5G protocols and waveforms. From
In 2009, four HyperX processors ran continuously on the International Space Station.

HyperX technology enables high-performance, cost-effective computing applications for real-time image processing, computer vision, video analysis, radar, SAR, linear algebra, GPS, software-defined radio, advanced learning (AI) and cybersecurity. Areas of decision include:

• Missile systems
• Avionics of military class
• Anti-jamming and noise reduction
• Hyperspectral images
• Videos and images
• Surveillance
• Neural Networks
• GPS receiver

About Coherent Logix
Coherent Logix, based in Austin, Texas, introduced its unique HyperX technology to the market in 2007. The company has proven its success with its HyperX Digital Stream Processor in the aerospace and military markets. Their technology makes processors more configurable based on software, while improving cost-effectiveness combined with high bandwidth and low latency.

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