Black River to pursue SIGINT enabling technologies in software-defined radio

The SIGINT SDR project is to deliver game-changing technologies for critical warfighter needs in command, control, communications, cyber and intelligence (C4I) capabilities with a focus on intelligence and cyber security.

The project has two main thrusts: techniques and algorithms that help identify, collect, process, use and manipulate electronic communications signals in moderate to dense co-channel environments with potentially significant Doppler effects; and developing digital signal processing (DSP) and cyber operations capabilities by capitalizing on existing technology.

Black River experts will find ways to detect, identify, characterize and gellocate emerging communications and low power signals of interest; development of DSP software for new systems and waveforms; development of software and hardware architectures for backup collection systems; integrating these capabilities into information operations and collection systems; and characterize cognitive software-defined radios from airborne or ground platforms operating in dense signal environments.

The company’s experts will also leverage existing DSP and cyber operations technologies to make the most of warfighter data and signals intelligence.

The project will involve modifying existing field systems with new cyber capabilities, as well as developing an automated signal processing framework for rapid signal processing and cyber capabilities.

Under this contract, Black River will perform the work in Utica, New York, and should be completed by May 2022. For more information, contact Black River Co. online at www.blackriversystems.comor Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate at

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