Army to buy software defined radio system for better communication | Pune News

PUNE: Indian Army is in the process of purchasing multifunction radios, known as “Software Defined Radio (SDR)”, which will increase the flexibility and flexibility of communication and ensure safe and secure communication. network to the soldierssaid a top defense source to the TOI.
The source, who did not want to be named, said: “The army has already started the process in this regard. The request for information (RFI) has already been clarified and sent to global manufacturers. We expect global manufacturers to respond to RFI in the coming months. “
Defense sources said soldiers could exchange real-time voice messages, data and images using these SDR radios. Infantry battalion commanders can also easily and accurately track the location of soldiers.
“The deployment of army troops is mainly in the northern and northeastern regions. These regions have areas with high altitude. “SDRs can also operate effectively at high altitudes, which will be a great relief for troops,” the sources said.
Currently, the military uses purely hardware-based individual high-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high-frequency radios that have little or no data capability. Senior Army Officer from Corps of signals of the Indian army told TOI: “The current radio communication technology is quite old. The maintenance of these radios is the biggest challenge for the hull. The power consumption of these kits is also high. With all these aspects in mind, the SDR will act as a force multiplier, especially for infantry units, which will use it extensively in their operations. ”
Lieutenant General Harbhajan Singh (retd), the army’s chief signal officer, told the TOI: “The U.S. military is using SDR radios effectively in its operation. These radios can be upgraded through software programming that increases the life cycle of the radio system and allows users to adapt quickly to new opportunities, challenges and threats. “
According to the veteran, it is quite easy to compromise on one frequency, “But SDR radio operates at different frequencies, thus giving the enemy less opportunity to compromise it,” he added.
They can also effectively deal with the threat of Chinese malware.
“A recent report on Design Bureau of the Indian Army (ADB) specifically warned that the imported communication equipment highlighted the threat of the virus. In this scenario, SDRs can play a key role for the military, “said defense sources.
The weight borne by infantry has always been a problem, as it can affect how fast army personnel can move on the ground. Soldiers now have to carry multiple radios on the front lines, which affects their movement.
“The portability of these radios is easy and will therefore reduce the additional burden on soldiers,” the sources explained.

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