They’re comfy, but are they cool? It seems Crocs are making a comeback

Lester Kiewit discovers that artificial men are far from fashionable, foam soaps are now considered cool and trendy.

  • 300 million pairs of Crocs have been sold since its launch in 2001.
  • Channing Tatum recently told Vanity Fair that Zoe Kravitz had persuaded him to stop wearing Crocs.
  • Last year, Crocs launched a “Free Healthcare Couple” offering Covid-19 healthcare professionals a free pair of foam soaps

For some people, Crocs wearers are to blame for the most disgusting artificial art for shoes, but for others, wearing colorful foam sandals should be praised as the fashion predecessors of the devil.

After appearing on the fashion scene in 2001, Crocs sparked a polarizing debate about their “coolness”.

In Wednesday’s edition of The Morning Review, host Lester Kiwitt tried to find out if they were actually coming back in style.

After Balenciaga made the Croc platform a few seasons ago, they suddenly became the “thing”.

Aspasia Karas, stylish guru / Colonist – Sunday Times Lifestyle & The Sowetan

The Crocs themselves have done a lot of work to make them cool … they’ve worked with a lot of street brands to give the brand a little boost.

Aspasia Karas, stylish guru / Colonist – Sunday Times Lifestyle & The Sowetan

But not everyone seems to think that Crocs are a good fashion choice.

Actor Channing Tatum recently revealed to Deadline that his fellow actor Zoe Kravitz had undoubtedly told him that he should give up funky shoes.

“She convinced me completely and I never wear Crocs again.” said the star of Magic Mike.

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