Telecom Companies in India Want Tech Firms To Pay For Network Usage

Telecom operators in India, the second-largest wireless market, would like Internet companies compensate for the use of their networks, a recommendation they made to the local regulator, echoing a view that’s gaining some momentum in other parts of the world but also fueling fears of undermining net neutrality. From a report: Jio, India’s largest telecom operator with more than 450 million subscribers, has recommended to the local regulator that internet companies be made to “contribute” to telecom network costs based on the traffic they consume, their turnover and the number of users.

“We suggest TRAI [India’s telecom regulator] should recommend for OTT providers that contribute to network development and backbone building for the country. In this effort, other OTT service providers should also be made to pay their fair share,” said the unit of Reliance, which is run by Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani. Reliance, which carries a 55% share of the total traffic of data in India, argued that requiring internet companies to compensate for network usage would ensure a level playing field.Jio said there was “almost consensus” among telecom operators around the world on the issue.

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