Radar Detector Integrated With Dashboard Display Screens And Steering Wheel Controls

CAN Bus hacking is all the rage right now. This particular project uses an early development version of an Arduino compatible CAN bus tool for integrate radar detector controls into the Mazda dashboard. This image shows the result when the Whistler Pro-3600 radar detector is started. The self-test demonstrates what you would see on the dashboard display if your speed was checked using one of several technologies. But not only the dashboard works. Steering wheel controls can also affect the radar detector so that it can always be hidden from view.

As car manufacturers add more and bigger displays to our vehicles, it’s refreshing to see someone come up with a hack that makes it possible to send our own information to those screens. The CANBus Triple is an Arduino compatible board that plugs into the data bus found in all modern vehicles. To integrate Whistler for this hack [TheDukeZip] prototyped the interface on a simple Arduino board, then ported it to the CANBus Triple after getting it working. Check out the video after the break to see the setup in action.

[Thanks Randy via Mazda Speed Forums]

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