Pager Message Sniffing With RPi And SDR

The 1990s have called, they want you to use modern technology to listen to your friends’ pager messages. Seriously, how many people still use pagers these days? We guess you can find out by building your own A software-defined decoder for radio pager messages.

[Sonny_Jim] i bought a usb dongle based on RTL2832 to listen ADS-B only to find out that the hardware is unable to communicate in that bandwidth range. So he set out to find a project for which the hardware was suitable, and eventually researched POCSAG protocol used by paging devices. It turns out that it’s not just used for human-to-human communication. There are still many automated systems that use the technology.

Setting things up isn’t that hard. Reading the comments in the project log shows that some people have problems with dependencies, but they sound pretty trivial and will be a good chance for you to brush up on your Linux-fu. Once all the packages are installed, you’re just working with text that can be displayed in countless ways. [Sonny] set up text files on the Pi’s web server so it can check the latest smartphone captures.

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