Mil-Grade Cybersecurity – Confronting National-Level Cyber Threats 

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Terrorism and crime pose a direct threat to the security of citizens around the world, as well as to international stability and prosperity. It is a persistent global threat that knows no borders, nationality or religion. RayZone Group provides boutique intelligence-based solutions for national agencies that address these challenges.

RayZone Group leverages intelligence expertise, operational expertise with the help of in-house engineers to provide boutique intelligence-based solutions for national agencies worldwide. Along with providing flexible solutions, RayZone Group’s focus is on improving threat awareness, developing preparedness and response capabilities, and enhancing the capabilities of government agencies.

Therefore, their methodology is to propose a holistic ecosystem comprising three types of solutions – stand-alone systems, integrated systems and end-to-end national projects – to fill in the missing pieces. While providing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, they also apply a flexible and forward-thinking approach to deliver the right results – effectively and efficiently.

In creating this ecosystem, RayZone incorporates a methodical approach that redefines data collection and takes information gathering and analysis to new levels. Although extensive communications know-how has led to the development of a range of remote and proximity solutions that enable easy access without connectivity, RayZone does not expect any single system to present the complete intelligent picture. Instead, they offer a platform that integrates internal systems, third-party systems, and customer databases into a single whole, leaving end users with “one-click intelligence deployment” at their fingertips.

RayZone’s portfolio of systems includes:

TA9 IntSight

Big data intelligence and investigation platform.

As a framework for big data intelligence and investigation, TA9 IntSight integrates data from various sources to create important insights from an organization’s massive data, as well as implement their best practices and workflows


Geolocation based on SS7 protocol.

GeoMatrix remotely locates 2G/3G/4G mobile subscribers, stealthily providing connectivity-free accessibility on a global scale. Using the same technology, a number of value-added functions provide a range of targeted control tools.


Enriched ADINT collection and investigation system.

Echo is a strategic ADINT-based collection and investigation system that remotely provides intelligence and law enforcement agencies with broad, diverse and in-depth knowledge of global smartphone users, both historically and in near real-time.

The Optimus family

With a holistic approach to OSINT collection and analysis, the Optimus family is a suite of solutions that leverage the vast amounts and types of data available from all layers of the network to build an effective intelligence picture. Whether in a modular fashion or as a whole, this package provides the ability to manage public opinion and targets, expose fake news or dark web data, and conduct active operations online.

A sprinter

Tactical active 2G/3G/4G/5G interception system.

A MITM tactical cellular interception system, the Sprinter covertly intercepts and records voice calls, text messages, as well as retrieves the target’s location.


2G/3G/4G/5G SDR IMSI Catcher.

Piranha is an SDR (Software Defined Radio) collector of mobile phone identifiers (IMSI & IMEI) in 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G environments.


IMSI Catcher Detector, Preventer and Locator.

ArrowCell detects the presence of an IMSI catcher to ensure that its users are not only aware of the threats around them, but can also disrupt and locate their attacker.

RayzSecurity Division

The Cyber ​​Security Division of RayZone Group includes the best cyber security solutions composed of developing cyber security methodologies, services, solutions and products. RayzSecurity’s unique methodology empowers traditional cybersecurity with Mil-Grade Intelligence solutions.

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