Jesen počinje 23. septembra u 08.50 – Prognoza do kraja meseca: Postepen prelazak iz leta u jesen

The fall of 2023 begins on September 23 at 08:50 and will continue until December 21, when at 04:27 Northern Hemisphere winter sets in.

Autumn begins at the moment when the Sun, in its apparent movement during the year, crosses the celestial equator and moves into the southern celestial hemisphere. On this day the Sun rises due east and sets due west; nursery and night are equal and last 12 hours each. This day is called the autumnal equinox or autumnal equinox. Professionally and more precisely, the onset of autumn is defined as the moment when the center of the sun’s disk reaches zero declination, and the Sun’s rectascene is about 12 o’clock.

By the way, meteorological summer began on June 1 and ended on August 31, 2023.

The moment autumn sets in on Earth’s northern hemisphere, spring begins in the southern hemisphere.

A smooth transition from summer to autumn

In Friday it will be changeable in Serbia with alternating sunny and cloudy intervals. Local occurrence of short-term rain or thunderstorms is also expected. The wind is weak and moderate from the west and northwest, the minimum temperatures are from 13 to 18, and the maximum from 26 to 30 degrees.

On Saturday partly cloudy, mostly dry with sunny intervals and only in the eastern and southern parts of Serbia with short rain and thunderstorms. The wind is weak and moderate, east and southeast, at the end of the day in the southern part of Banat it increases. The minimum temperatures are from 12 to 17, and the maximum from 27 to 30 degrees.

For the weekend, mostly sunny with cool nights and gradual warming during the day, so on Sunday the maximum will be around +30 degrees Celsius again.. Meteorologists say the chance of localized rainfall for Sunday is significantly less than in recent days, according to new model calculations.

Time until the end of September

From Sunday, meteorologists report, it will be even hotter with a maximum of about +33 degrees Celsius, which is again well above average, and around September 20, with passing clouds, showers are possible, while with a strong north-westerly wind, it will cool down a bit , but as of 27.09. temperatures are likely to be above average.

Due to the increased influence of the cyclone over the Atlantic Ocean, there will be some rain in places, but no heavy rain is expected and the weather will remain dry over much of the area.say the meteorologists.

In summary, this September will bring the exact opposite compared to last, which brought very heavy rains along with an early fall. This time will be a much warmer and drier version of the month as summer slowly transitions into autumn.

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