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Elsight HaloIntegration with Elsight Halo extends the operational reach of Lockheed Martin’s UAVs.

In a recent development, Elsight successfully integrated its Halo connectivity platform with Lockheed Martin’s Indago 4 unmanned aerial system (UAS), enabling the drone to perform its first beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flight. This strategic improvement greatly expands the capabilities of the Indago 4, especially in applications such as disaster response, surveillance and remote inspections.

Elsight’s Halo system is designed to ensure continuous connectivity in diverse and challenging environments by aggregating multiple IP connections. These include public and private cellular networks, satellite communications and software-defined radio (SDR), thereby increasing the operational reliability of UAS and the efficiency of data transmission to command centers.

Integration with Halo enhances Indago 4’s ability to maintain stable communications links over various terrains and obstacles, ensuring a continuous and reliable flow of data, including real-time video feeds and critical telemetry data.

Roee Kashi, co-founder and CTO of Elsight, commented on the impact of the integration, saying, “We designed Halo to provide real-time situational awareness in challenging defense and public safety scenarios. After all, field commanders must make strategic decisions at all times and must have the widest possible “lens” with all critical information. Now with our integration, Indago 4 becomes the ‘eyes’ of every commander and control center.”

Elsight, listed as ELS on the ASX, specializes in providing reliable and secure connectivity solutions. Their proprietary connectivity technology, which combines software and hardware elements, ensures reliable high-bandwidth communications in even the most challenging environments. Elsight serves a global clientele, offering solutions to manufacturers, operators and integrators of unmanned air and ground systems.

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