DTC and MOHOC launch integrated video system

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) and MOHOC, Inc., manufacturers of military-optimized helmet cameras, have announced the launch of a new wireless camera solution.

By using MOHOC and MOHOC IR (Infrared) cameras along with DTC’s SOL8 Software Defined Radio (SDR) to communicate over market-leading COFDM Point to Point and Tactical IP Mesh waves, users can remotely access real-time video in tactical battlefield environment facilitating real-time decision making and risk assessment.


The awkward shape and operation of sports cameras make them inadequate for defense and law enforcement. In response, MOHOC developed purpose-built cameras and innovative accessories tailored for the tactical operator. The patented MOHOC features a low-profile form factor, extreme ruggedness and a simple user interface, making it ideal for both training and live operations.

DTC’s COFDM waveforms provide high-capacity connectivity in challenging environments and sit seamlessly alongside existing public or private infrastructure. They penetrate non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments and can deliver end-to-end encrypted video for both military and law enforcement training and mission operations.

Also, with fully integrated, speed-optimized, low-latency HD video encoding, DTC’s SOL8SDR can seamlessly integrate with MOHOC cameras.

“DTC is constantly looking to innovate and provide our customers with greater capabilities for their wireless communications applications and missions. By combining DTC Mesh with MOHOC’s problem-solving camera solution, we are positioned as the natural choice in the global military and law enforcement market,” said Nigel Lee, Regional Vice President of Sales, Domo Tactical Communications.

“Since the launch of the MOHOC cameras, countless customers have asked to integrate our live stream with tactical communications networks. DTC’s IP Mesh and Point to Point solutions deliver this capability with plug-and-play ease, dramatically increasing MOHOC’s real-time video coverage,” said John Prosser, Director of International Sales, MOHOC.

DTC was formed in 2016 when Marlin Equity Partners, a California-based private equity firm, acquired the tactical communications and surveillance division from British company Cobham Plc.

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