CT cops arrest 16-year-old speedster driving over 200km/h on Jan Smuts Drive

A ghost squad from the city of Cape Town arrested a teenager during a curfew on Sunday morning after a high-speed chase.

The teenager, who had just turned 16, was caught after accelerating over 200 km / h on Jan Smuts Drive.

A ghost officer spotted a Golf 7 speeding on Jan Smuts Drive toward Grassy Park and chased it.

The incident happened just before 1 am on May 23.

The driver refused to stop and disobeyed several red traffic lights, the City Media Service reported.

The officer called for a backup and the vehicle was eventually stopped on Old Strandfontein and Ottery Road.

When the driver was questioned by police, he informed them that he had just turned 16 the day before.

There were five passengers in the vehicle, all about 15 years old. It also turned out that the driver had taken his brother’s new car without permission.

JP Smith of City says the teenager has been placed in the care of his father.

I shudder at the thought of the potential tragedy that could unfold here. This was not a joy, but a reckless threat, and I hope that this will be a lesson for all concerned.

JP Smith, Member of the Mayor’s Committee – Safety and Security in Cape Town

Also, the fact that these teenagers were out of curfew is another concern, especially given the current renaissance we are experiencing

JP Smith, Member of the Mayor’s Committee – Safety and Security in Cape Town

The teenager was one of 202 suspects arrested by City police last week.

Traffic police arrested 90 suspects – including 51 for drunk driving and 27 for reckless and careless driving – seized 164 vehicles, 198 mobile phones and issued 68,270 fines.

Law enforcement officers arrested 46, issued 3,561 fines and confiscated nearly 400 kilograms of stolen cables.

Meanwhile, police in the subway have arrested 66 and issued 3,256 fines.

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