‘Biggest event of 2020s will be USA slipping to Number 2 after China’

Bruce Whitfield from the money show shows an interview with Clem Sunter, who is planning scripts for Mind of a Fox.

  • The Taliban now control Afghanistan as panicked crowds try to leave the country

  • The United States will slide to the second most powerful country in the world this decade

  • Groupings like Brics will gain importance

The US-backed government in Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. © ruskpp / 123rf.com

The Taliban won a 20-year war to control Afghanistan.

The government disintegrated rapidly after the US military withdrew its support, invading the country in 2001 in hopes of establishing a democratic government and an army capable of repelling the Taliban.

The rapid collapse of the government and the Taliban takeover caused panic in Kabul as thousands of people had to flee the country.

Bruce Whitfield from The Money Show interviews Clem Sunter, screenwriter at Mind of a Fox (scroll up to listen).

You had the Russians in the 80’s … Then the Taliban took over … and they were extremely cruel … Then 20 years of Americans … Now we return to another episode with the Taliban …

Clem Sunter, Screenwriter – Fox Mind

The biggest event in 2020 will be America, which will slide to number two compared to China … There is no way Joe Biden to cover this up … Global Cop [USA] … the police department goes bankrupt!

Clem Sunter, Screenwriter – Fox Mind

This should make the Germans tremble … the Australians tremble … and, of course, South Korea …

Clem Sunter, Screenwriter – Fox Mind

The idea of ​​Brics will be extremely important in a world that no longer has America as its supreme commander and economy. This is a huge flag for what is happening in Afghanistan.

Clem Sunter, Screenwriter – Fox Mind

The Taliban have said they will respect young women’s rights to education … We will have to see if they have adapted to the new world … Many people fear that this could turn into a terrorist outbreak again.

Clem Sunter, Screenwriter – Fox Mind

… The CIA didn’t see how fast this could happen … Joe Biden and his team were completely caught unaware … Fundamental Islam is still a big attraction for many people …

Clem Sunter, Screenwriter – Fox Mind

This article first appeared on CapeTalk: “The biggest event of the 2020s will be the US sliding to number 2 after China”

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