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THE ANGELS – Silvus Technologies Inc. in Los Angeles introduces the StreamCaster TRINITY MIMO transceiver array for mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) radios in military, law enforcement and public applications.

StreamCaster provides high-bandwidth, long-range communications in challenging environments and combines the performance of StreamCaster MANET dual-band (S/C) radios with high gain antenna array that provides 360 degree coverage for air and ground applications.

The StreamCaster TRINITY uses the Silvus MN-MIMO waveform, which creates a self-forming, adaptive mesh network that can connect hundreds of nodes over 30 miles away.

StreamCaster TRINITY enables users to create a rapidly deployable high-performance mesh network for mobile, remote or fixed site operations. StreamCaster’s tri-lobe design allows each of TRINITY’s three high-gain 12 dBi sector antennas to provide 120 degrees of coverage.

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Together they can be used to achieve 360-degree coverage or work separately to support separate networks connecting inhabited and unmanned air vehicles, ground assets and personnel.

The built-in three integrated Silvus SC4400E MANET radios provide up to 20 watts of output power and up to 100 megabits per second of data throughput to support high-bandwidth video, voice and data communications.

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