Wittra Introduces ‘Software Define Hardware’

The approach to defining functionality through software is not a new concept and has continued to be driven by rapid evolution within digital electronics. We have all heard of SDN (Software Defined Networks) and SDR (Software Defined Radios), but the term SDH (Software Defined Hardware) is less commonly heard or understood.

Wittra is among several elite IoT solution providers who have adopted the use of SDR within their hardware, this approach is usually considered too expensive and overly complex; a point of view that Wittra does not share. We live in a complex environment, constantly changing and evolving, and Wittra’s principle is to design agile solutions that give flexibility to adapt to these lasting changes while maintaining the guiding principles of longevity and sustainability. Anticipating future customer needs has been Wittra’s guiding belief and foundation supporting their C {x} ameleon ‘Software Defined Hardware’ device concept.

Networks that work usually require a number of key elements such as a gateway, a detection / positioning tag and, in the case of a mesh network, a router. A typical Wittra network could contain 4 different functional requirements, however using Wittra’s “Software Defined Hardware” approach, only two hardware SKUs (Gateway and C {x} ameleon) are required for a complete installation.

Wittra C {x} chameleon extends hardware life, optimizes inventory costs and reduces waste. The Wittra C {x} chameleon methodology revolutionizes IoT, fosters network sustainability and flexibility, and significantly reduces the amount of inventory required in any IoT installation, increasing ROI and time to market.

The Wittra C {x} chameleon includes several integrated sensors, location functions and a ‘Software Defined Radio’, which delivers sensor and positioning data to the cloud. The Wittra C {x} chameleon is manufactured and shipped as an “empty” Wittra device, without special “personality” involved. Device personality is assigned before or at the time of deployment and is retrieved from Wittra Gateway via a secure short-range wireless connection.

The Wittra C {x} chameleon device can retrieve the identity of a TrakSense360, Mesh Router or Positioning Beacon using its built-in software-defined radio from Texas Instruments. In addition, the personality of a C {x} chameleon can change at any time, even after it is deployed in the field. Wittra is the perfect partner for reduced implementation costs, improved return on investment, flexibility and sustainability.

About WittraWittra Sweden AB develops innovative technologies and solutions within the IoT – the Internet of Things. Since the beginning of 2012, Wittra has managed to secure a significant portfolio of intellectual property and rights related to its innovations. Unique pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-secure solutions allow users to collect, communicate and control their assets even in the toughest environments. www.wittra.se

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