VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram Sees Open RAN 5G Fueling Growth

Raguram shared his observations after 100 days as CEO.

Raghu Raghuram from VMware

VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram expects the virtualization of distributed end networks and 5G infrastructure from multiple vendors to fuel the company’s growth. Raguram shared his assessment with analysts and the media on Friday after completing his first 100 days as the new CEO of VMware.

Sumit Dhawan on VMware

Sumit Dhawan on VMware

The 18-year-old VMware veteran was chief operating officer and executive vice president when the company was called him to replace longtime CEO Pat Gelsinger. Newly appointed president of VMware, Sumit Dhawan, joined Raghuram during a webcast on Friday, where the two asked questions.

As executives discussed VMware’s continued focus on the vertical industry and established solutions, they highlighted the telecommunications service provider’s ability. In particular, they see that VMware plays a key role in ensuring 5G interoperability as service providers switch to open area radio networks (O-RANs).

The world’s major carriers are members of O-RAN Alliance including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Verizon and Vodafone, among others. VMware Telco cloud platform RAN, launches in April, allows CSPs to virtualize O-RAN capabilities and deploy open RAN architectures. Before it was available, DISH Network announced plans last year to build an Open RAN network based on the VMware offering.

“One of the customers of our service providers once said, ‘We are the 5G operating system,'” Raguram said. “This summarizes our position on how valuable this is, as they are based on these 5G networks.”

Dhawan stressed the possibility of 5G. “This will bring new applications due to the power of software-defined end and software-defined radio network networks that are open, which our platform offers,” he said. It will provide “new innovations we can’t even think of today.”

While service providers are adding support for Open RAN, Dhawan said this will have significant implications for making 5G available. “For the sake of society, this creates digital capital for everyone, because now you have this open advantage and open RAN solutions, which are just cell towers built on open technologies that build amazing applications accessible to everyone, not just a few,” he said. he said.

Modernization of many clouds and applications

In addition to multi-cloud and 5G interoperability, the two executives said they see a long journey towards server-free infrastructure and application upgrades. VMware Subsidiary The Kubernetes platform, hers the acquisition of Heptio and reacquisition of Pivotal, will play a key role in these efforts.

Raghuram also emphasized diversity and sustainability as both a corporate priority and a catalyst for growth. In the coming weeks VMware will reveal more about the 2030 Program announced by the company last year. “This is something that is extremely critical for us,” he said.

VMware is expected to provide more details on its technology roadmaps next month VMworld conference. Scheduled for October 5, the event will once again be virtual.

Keith Colbert, named CTO of VMware

Friday’s briefing came a day after VMware announced it was doing so has baptized Keith Colbert as the company’s chief technology officer. Colbert is also a veteran of VMware after joining the company as an intern in 2002, he said. executive profile.

Colbert has held various technical roles at VMware, most recently as Cloud CTO. He was also the general manager of VMware’s cloud applications business and was the chief technical officer of the end-user computing business. Prior to that, he was a leading VMware vRealize Operations Suite architect and technical leader for vMotion and Storage vMotion capabilities.

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