Ultra-compact microwave signal generator in an extremely small package

06-05-2021 |
Testing and measurement

Saelig Company has launched the Windfreak SynthHD Mini, a software adjustable RF signal source that produces signals from 10MHz to 15GHz with a resolution of 0.01Hz and output power up to 20dBm. The device is probably the smallest generator of RF signals in the world. The generator supports FM, AM, Pulse, Sweep and List modulations. It can be programmed for stand-alone operation, working without a connection to a computer, to create a setting for frequency, amplitude, power or modulation or combinations thereof. When powered by 5V, it becomes an extremely mobile, lightweight and lightweight solution for a wide range of needs for generating RF signals.

This compact 1.6 ”x 1.6” x 0.5 ”RF signal generator can be powered by a controller running Windows, Linux or Android via its USB port, requiring 5V at 400mA. The output amplitude can be changed in 0.01 dB steps up to + 20 dBm and in the range of more than 30 dB.

This software adjustable generator is ideal for use in applications including wireless communication systems, radio frequency and microwave radios, software-defined radio, radar, ATE, pre-matched immunity tests, electronic protection, law enforcement, medical research and more.

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