The List of RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems’ Exhibits at Upcoming DSEI 2021

From September 14 to 17, Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will exhibit its state-of-the-art defense technology at the DSEI in London (booth: H5-220). The list is as follows;

Next Generation Combat Vehicle Package (NGCV-S)

The NGCV-S turns any combat vehicle into a connected, well-protected, optionally manned lethal defense system. A number of sensors and cameras provide full awareness of the situation, automatic target detection allows the detection and identification of threats, and a comprehensive video management system allows crew members to remain fully protected in the cabin. Read also : Elbit Systems Awarded a $338 Million Contract to Supply the E-LynX Mobile Radio Network Solution for the Swiss Armed Forces. As part of the package, the system includes jet armor kits and a medium-caliber Samson remote weapon station (RWS). The station is designed to mount a 30 mm or 40 mm cannon and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun, which is integrated with the Raphael Spike launch vehicle, as well as a fifth generation anti-tank guided Spike electro-optical missile for medium and long-range attacks.

Information sheet for technical specifications

SPIKE missile family (incl. NGCV-S)

This family of 5th generation, EC-controlled multi-role missile systems ensures maximum accuracy on land, sea and air. It can upgrade helicopters to powerful force multipliers, allowing ultra-long ranges and higher mortality in a light package and increased mission endurance.

Technical specifications (SPIKE-SR)

Technical specifications (SPIKE-LR-II)

Armored protection system TROPHY (incl. NGCV-S)

Armored protection system TROPHY

As the world’s only active, combat-proven active protection system for armored combat vehicles, TROPHY APS detects, classifies and engages incoming threats and provides unmatched viability and maneuverability for all vehicle classes. It creates a neutralizing bubble around the vehicle. It quickly detects, classifies and engages all known chemical energy (CE) threats – including recoilless rifles, ATGM, AT missiles, HEAT tank cartridges and RPGs. It increases the mortality of a formation / force by successfully neutralizing the enemy’s anti-tank teams. It can locate the source of fire, allowing the crew to respond effectively to fire with the Samson 30 RWS, or by interacting with other combat platforms through the BMS network.

Official web link

BNET Software defined radio (incl. NGCV-S)

Advanced, tactical broadband IP mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET), software-defined radio (SDR), providing a reliable high-speed, low-latency connection for broadband data, voice and video on the go for ground and air platforms, headquarters, and down troops. The modular, multi-band, multi-channel, network-oriented system allows unprecedented data rates and user numbers, allowing all land, sea and air units to participate in a single, seamless, scalable network.

Separate sheet with technical specifications



Launched in June, RAFAEL’s SEA BREAKER is a 5th generation precision-guided autonomous missile system that allows effective attacks against a variety of marine and ground targets. This may interest you : Hyderabad Hams develop low cost Transverter for QO-100 satellite. The ground version intended for shore defense was obtained from RAFAEL extremely mobile SPYDER launchers. It has an advanced IIR (Imaging Infra-Red) finder, ideal for engaging stationary or moving targets in all weather conditions. It can engage ships both in coastal and blue waters and in the archipelago.

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Complete, battle-proven anti-drone air system (C-UAS), providing 360-degree rapid protection in all weather conditions against enemy drones. DRONE DOME detects even small targets at distances over 3. This may interest you : Remoticon Video: Learning The Basics Of Software-Defined Radio (SDR).5 km, intercepts and neutralizes with soft and hard killing measures, while causing minimal damage to the environment and ensuring maximum safety of friendly aircraft. This is a modular system and can be used as a stationary or mobile configuration, as well as customized at the customer’s request.

Information sheet for technical specifications

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