Rafael unveils software-defined, palm-size radio

Israel’s Rafael defense systems introduce BNET NANO, a software-defined palm-sized radio and the newest member of the BENT SDR family

According to the company, BNET NANO brings revolutionary battlefield capabilities based on Rafael Multi-Channel Reception (MCR) game modification technology, unprecedented network capacity in terms of data transfer speed and number of users, minimal latency and support for “flat” networks with hundreds of members.

The radio operates in areas rejected by GPS, an increasingly typical scenario on today’s battlefield. BNET is able to sense and avoid spectrum interference and operates as an LPI / LPD device in a dense environment.

BNET is a lightweight radio device that allows point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topology and an ad hoc network that maintains full connectivity of the brigade area of ​​operation with a unique SDR full IP design.

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