Rafael sells BNET-AR to Asian air force

BNET-AR software defined radio. (Photo: Raphael)

An Israeli company finds an Asian client for software-defined radio stations.

The BNET-AR a software-defined communications solution from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will be installed on the fleet of aircraft belonging to the air force of an unnamed Asian country, the Israeli company announced on June 15.

BNET-AR is a modular multi-band software defined radio (SDR) for onboard platforms, integrated on fighters and helicopters, as well as ground control stations, allowing network-oriented operations and real-time situational awareness.

“This new contract strengthens our position as a major provider of overhead communications systems,” said Joav Vermouth, Raphael, vice president and head of C3I.

Until the Israeli company discloses the client’s name, Shephard reported in February 2017 that India is ordering about 1,000 SDRs for its Sukhoi Su-30MKI, Jaguar and airborne fleets for early warning.

BNET technology is available in several configurations: BNET Hand Held for soldiers in the field; BNET Vehicle for operation of combat vehicles; and BNET Airborne for aircraft.

The dual-band software-defined radio family provides congestion-resistant, high-speed data and voice (analog and VoIP) for use in combat communications, notes Shephard Defense Insight.

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