Omnispace Demonstrates Connectivity with NGSO Satellite and Military Radios

An image of the two original NGSO satellites that Thales Alenia Space plans to develop for Omnispace. Photo: Omnispace

Space and Vulcan Wireless have tested voice communication and data transmission between the company’s satellite and orbital radios, the companies said Thursday.

Omnispace uses the existing satellite in orbit from ICO Global constellation. Omnispace has acquired the assets of ICO Global, including priority rights for the 2 Ghz S-band. In the test, the satellite demonstrates voice communication and data with mobile tactical military radio PRC-117G.

Omnispace said the demonstrations focused on connecting existing military hardware to satellites in commercial bands and orbits traditionally not used by the government to increase the resilience of battlefield communications.

The test was conducted as part of Omnispace’s Phase II Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) contract with Omnispace, in collaboration with US space forcesCommand of Russia’s space systems. The contract is awarded as part of US Air ForceSpace flight day.

“This demonstration proves that software-defined mobile, tactical consumer equipment can use our dual-use commercial infrastructure. “Imagine the opportunities that 5G technology will enable the government, from COTM handheld devices to IoT platforms,” ​​said Campbell Marshall, Omnispace’s vice president for government and international markets.

Omnispace will soon launch two satellites developed by Thales Alenia Cosmos for a global 5G mobile network delivered via satellite.

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