Nutanix mandates vaccinations for in-office workers, doesn’t mandate going to offices • The Register

The hyperconverted precursor Nutanix made vaccinations mandatory for employees who visited its offices, but did not make office visits mandatory.

Chief Executive Officer Rajiv Ramaswami told The register The policy was introduced as part of the company’s gradual return to office work, which begins this month in the United States. The policy will only be applied when it is legal and will not be applied worldwide. In India, for example, Nutanix does not consider it safe for staff to return to their offices.

“We don’t force people into the office,” the CEO said, but added that he felt that “hybrid work” – mixing office attendance and work elsewhere – was a constant feature of life at Nutanix.

It has already become part of Ramaswami’s working life; while most of his interactions are via video, the CIO on the verge of signing a major deal with Nutanix recently insisted on a face-to-face meeting.

“He wanted to meet face to face and look me in the eye,” Ramaswami said. The two met in a cafe, where they enjoyed coffee and a conversation at an outdoor table.

The deal was concluded – one of 700 new customers acquired in the fourth quarter of the company for FY 2021.

Ramaswami described it as a “great quarter and fiscal year overall,” as Q4 saw the company earn $ 391 million in revenue, up 19 percent from the previous year. This is the fastest growth of the company in the last three years.

Revenue for the full year reached $ 1.39 billion, an increase of seven percent annually.

The customer retention rate remains above 90%, which is an important indicator as Nutanix prefers its customers to sign subscription plans. These plans mean that annual periodic revenue for the year and quarter reached $ 879 million.

Ramaswami said The register that Nutanix’s business trajectory has not been noticeable by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the growing number of deals includes new products — such as cloud management or database service — that help the company grow by attaching its software — a defined stack to critical business applications.

Until the company recently announced alliance with Red Hat Ramaswami expects that this will further help Nutanix attach to applications, rather than simply being part of the infrastructure upgrade that is often needed to support business moves to deliver new and improved digital experiences. ®

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