Mavenir, HCL collaborate on integration, delivery of O-RAN compliant radios, Telecom News, ET Telecom

NOVO DELI: Telecommunications software provider Maveniur said on Thursday that it had signed a strategic partnership with HCL Technologies Collaborate to integrate and accelerate the availability of O-RAN split 7.2 compatible remote radios (RRUs) and, together with this, create a business model to serve the growing demand for O-RAN RRUs.

The collaboration brings together third – party RRU tests of HCL and HCL Mavenirfully centralized unit (CU) and Distributed unit (DU) RAN software stacks.

This will provide RRU vendors with the ability to work directly with HCL and evaluate their O-RAN interfaces, as well as integrate with O-RAN cloud-compatible Mavenir CU / DU software.

Providers will also be able to accelerate the validation of the frequency options and various RRU offerings required by the O-RAN market.

Ranjan comes with more than 20 years of experience in the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), software-defined networks and zero-trusted networks.

While providers will be able to quickly validate their O-RAN-compliant RRUs for different deployment scenarios, CSPs will be able to easily identify and deploy RRUs appropriate to specific uses and locations.

“We directly address requests from customers and partners to accelerate the integration of new RRU products. The growing scale of the O-RAN industry now requires such a model. And thanks to O-RAN and open interfaces, new players like HCL can enter the market to effectively serve market needs, ”said Puneet Sethi of Mavenir, SVP / GM RAN’s business unit.

“The Mavenir-HCL partnership helps to accelerate the adoption of O-RAN by introducing a new set of product offerings for both CSPs and businesses. HCL combines many decades of network testing experience, 5G experience, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and advanced automation tools to confirm interoperability between Mavenir and RRU partners, ”said Rajiv Shesh, Corporate Vice President, Engineering and Research. , HCL Technologies.

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