Klas and Sierra Nevada announce joint communication solution

The improved Voyager TRIK supports Link 16 radios, giving you a really tactful and low SWaP solution, which is a small part of the size and weight of existing solutions. (Image: Class Government)

The Klass and Sierra Nevada governments have announced the launch of their new Link 16 communications system.

The Klass government and the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) have launched a joint tactical communication solution that allows coalition partners to deploy Link 16 at the lowest possible SWaP form factor at the moment.

The solution facilitates real-time data exchange in all connected battlefield domains, while ensuring a single common operational picture.

Sensors are crucial to overcoming growing threats by collecting situation data and passing it back to commanders.

The slightest delay in receiving or returning information could cost the United States and its allies the opportunity to defeat the growing threat.

The Tactical Voyager data gateway from Class with Sierra Nevada Tactical radio extension app is a small, lightweight, robust network structure that extends data capabilities to the front end of battle.

The solution optimizes C2 in echelons, battlefield awareness and solution dominance.

Chris Eriksen, Klass government’s chief revenue officer, said: “Link 16 is this standard in the United States, NATO and coalition forces for real-time transmission and exchange of tactical data.”

Voyager TDL Gateway with SNC TRAX allows soldiers to interact with assets and other partners in real time, between different networks, data connections and methods of data transfer at the tactical end.

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