Horizon Technologies Unveils Their New BlackFish™ Tri-Band SIGINT System Launched By Horizon – SatNews

Horizon Aerospace Technologies (wholly owned subsidiary of Horizon Technologies) launched their new product SIGINT in the air – BlackFish™ – small, qualified in the air, Satellite telephone SIGINT system that simultaneously monitors Iridium,, Turaya and Inmarsat (IsatPhone Pro) Satellite telephone networks.

Due to its small size and weight (8 kg), BlackFish is ideal for fixed and rotating wings, manned and unmanned aircraft. BlackFish ™ is based on Software defined radio (SDR), equipped with a powerful processor and graphics processor, passively cooled system, ensuring maximum reliability and performance. The system has no moving parts, which guarantees high reliability when working in extreme conditions and is fully qualified. DO-160.

BlackFish ™ is a completely stand-alone Sat Phone monitoring system; does not require any external peripherals such as external radio switching and complex wiring or multiple antennas, which affects the overall reliability of the system. The highly sensitive front end of the L-band receiver is aimed at Sat Phone communications and the system offers maximum rejection of frequency interference outside the bandwidth, while it is broadband and has an excellent dynamic range for processing radio scenarios at close range. With the company’s proprietary software, it can be easily integrated into aircraft tactical mission systems to look like one of ISR’s many sensors. BlackFish is already in production.

Horizon Technologies CEO John Beckner said: “Horizon Technologies listens to our customers who want smaller, lighter systems and the ability to simultaneously monitor multiple satellite phone networks. They also want a common SIGINT product for manned aircraft and UAVs. BlackFish ™ is the answer to these requirements and like all our products is not ITAR. We will have an up-to-date production version of our DSEI booth from 14-17 September 2021 (UK Pavilion: H2-958) and will demonstrate the capabilities of the system. Although we still support our legacy FlyingFish products, BlackFish is now our flagship product and we are excited to sell it to our government end-users worldwide in support of their expanding ISR requirements. We have demo evaluation units available around the world and look forward to engaging with our current and future customers to introduce BlackFish as a “go to” SAT Phone SIGINT solution.””

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