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Updated Facebook and its other social media sites, WhatsApp and Instagram, fell offline today.

The interruption started around 1540 UTC for Facebook and Instagram and shortly after WhatsApp.

Millions without advertising … What happened if you visited Facebook.com earlier. Click to enlarge

“We are aware that some people have problems accessing our applications and products. We are working to normalize things as quickly as possible and we apologize for the inconvenience,” Facebook said in an understatement on Twitter – which seems to work well, although it does complaints from users that they too cannot make this platform work. It could be just a jump from people who turn to Twitter for information about Facebook’s empire, or from current problem with authentication tokens.

Dane Knecht, senior vice president of Cloudflare, tweet that the interruption was due to the download of the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Internet routes on Facebook. This cut off or made it difficult to connect to Facebook’s DNS servers. As such, we can’t even enable facebook.com at the moment and the services cannot be used.

You can see the download of routes from Facebook for your DNS servers in the preview below. Earlier this year, the technology giant he spoke of building an automated control system for its BGP peering configuration. Whether or not this software has been turned on, there is likely to be a configuration change somewhere back and it will take time to recover.

New York Times reporter Shira Frenkel said she was “just on the phone with someone who works for FB, who described employees who can’t enter buildings this morning to start assessing the degree of disruption because their badges don’t work for access to doors.”

Downdetector.com is reporting declining levels of consumer complaints in the United States and the rest of the world, although the services remain inoperable at the time of publication. Meanwhile, the competitor of WhatsApp Signal has brag to increase registrations for its encrypted messaging platform.

This IT breakdown is the icing on the cake for a week on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. Its share price had fallen by more than 10% today as a result of expired documents which show that the social media and messaging giant has its own evidence of how harmful it can be to their own young users.

On Sunday, c interview with America’s 60 Minutes, the whistleblower revealed himself as Francis Haugen, a data scientist who spent two years on Facebook trying to quell misinformation. It copied “tens of thousands of pages of an internal Facebook survey,” which showed that the site blocked about five percent of hate speech and less than one percent of violence and incitement.

In the UK, meanwhile, there have been complaints that the broadband ISP Virgin Media has had connection problems.

Finally, T-Mobile US said that although some subscribers complain loss for coverage, the cell network giant is clearly not to blame. “We are aware that there is an interruption in the application of a third party, which may affect access to these applications, at the moment T-Mobile is not experiencing any problems with the services,” said a spokesman. The register.

In other words, if you think you can’t connect to the internet, try checking with something other than Facebook or WhatsApp. ®

Updated to add

Unfortunately, Facebook is gradually return to normal service after you have spent about six hours offline. You can find more technical information about what happened right here.

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